Dallas, Texas

The first time I came to Dallas was in about 1966. My family went to Six Flags over Texas. The only thing I remember about the trip were the old fashioned cars ride that you could “drive”.
The next time Dallas crossed my radar was when JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby and the Ewing clan were the dominate faces on TV. It seemed so glamorous. All the women appeared beautiful and the men were strong, smart and rich. For me it was a world only found on TV.
The 3rd time Dallas made an appearance in my life would be the most important. My husband (now ex) was a newly hired pilot at AA. While
He was at training in Dallas, I waited in Davenport, IA with our 10 month old daughter. At the time, early 1985, AA was hiring about 80 pilots a month. The word circulating amongst the new hirers was this: you would be based in NYC and within a few months you could transfer to another base but the Dallas was not opened to new hirers.
We were living on about $750 a month take home so the $1500 a month salary as a probationary pilot seemed like a huge sum of money. We decided to get an apartment in Chicago and hope he could join me soon. Imagine the joy I felt when he called and simply said, “Heidi’s going to be a southern belle.” Miraculously God had opened the Dallas base for a short window and were truly blessed. Texas would be home. When I asked him what it was like, he responded “the women really fix up.” It would be a full circle for me because I was born in south Texas when my dad was in the Navy.
As I arrived on that beautiful spring day, April 1, 1985, I knew we were in the right place. Dallas and Texas claimed my heart that day.

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