Then and Now


So almost 30 years have passed since I arrived in Big D. I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about a few changes.
1. Cowboy Stadium on I35, this was the first real visual marker for me that I truly was headed to Big D. Now it’s gone.
2. Stores and Malls were closed on Sunday. The blue law as it was known was changed shortly after I arrived. Certain items were prohibited from being sold.
3. Private membership needed to buy a drink. In order to buy a drink you bought a private membership at a restaurant and in return you got your first drink for free. Still exists depending on your suburb.
4. No beer or wine in the grocery store. Now this one still exists depending on where you live (suburbs). Still no hard liquor at the grocery store.
5. Richest shopping triangle in the country was here in 1985, The Galleria Mall, Valley View Mall and Prestonwood Mall. Prestonwood was torn down and there isn’t much left at Valley View Mall.
6. Area north of DFW was nothing but pasture with bison and longhorn cattle. Now there is a mall and the suburb of Flower Mound with almost 70,000 people.
7. Galleria has large ice rink with biggest indoor Christmas tree. Skating rink was downsized but tree remains.
8. Mavericks were a terrible team but now have won the NBA championship.
9. Hockey? What is hockey? Stars changed that with their NHL championship.

A few things never change:
1. The women still fix up
2. Traffic on 635 is bad
3. Cowboy fans are fickle.
4. The Northpark Mall Santa is still the same wonderful man.
5. Friday nights are still all about high school football and the marching band.
6. We still believe there is no better place than Texas.

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