Daylilies, Dahlias, Daisies and Dallas

With days filled with traffic jams, skyscrapers, never ending sight of suburban rooflines we can forget that nature plays an important role in our lives. Natural outdoor beauty has an intrinsic value, something that can’t be specifically defined or priced.
Spending all of our time in a steel world isn’t good for our soul. In a city like Dallas you might live in an apartment, condo or a home with very little green space. So what do you do? It’s simple. Dallas offers an oasis in the midst of everything. The Dallas Arboretum showcases in a most spectacular but approachable way, plants, flowers and trees. Each season has something new to offer.
What I love best is the combination of the flower beds and trees with the wide open green spaces. There is no reason to rush. A simple picnic enjoyed while relaxing under a shade tree is a way to restore mind and soul. Knowing and understanding that each plant creates it’s own unique beauty, reminds us that we too are beautiful and unique in our own way.
I feel so blessed to live in a city that values and understands the important role nature plays in our lives. So the next time the steel jungle seems a little suffocating head to the Dallas Arboretum.







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