Dallas does Theater


   While I was growing up, my family didn’t have the resources to take my sister and me to live theater. I am not even sure it occurred to my parents to even introduce me to live theater. I did my best to share with my children the experience of live theater and did take them several times to live productions. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the extent of quality theater at affordable prices in the Dallas area. The list is long and offers a wide variety of choices for all tastes.

     I was lucky to have discovered Rockwall Summer Musicals. For just a $19 ticket, I enjoyed a professional quality, community theater performing South Pacific. It is the timeless musical set against the backdrop of World War II, where the two main characters must choose between love and the fact that in 1943, in the US interracial marriage was still illegal in many states. Do they follow their hearts and what they know to be true, or listen to the lies they learned as children that their love was wrong. 

    Rockwall Summer Musicals is just one of many community theaters and local professional theaters offering plays and musicals at affordable prices. Dallas offers a deep pool of talent and you won’t be disappointed to venture beyond the TV and movie theater. I am including a link which offers links to many of the theaters available in Dallas.



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