Where oh where to go?


     I am just 5 short months shy of my 30th anniversary of calling the Dallas-Fort Worth area home. Like most people I think to myself, where did the time go? Or more accurately what was I doing for those 30 years? My first year was spent in Irving very near the airport. So close in fact my ex-husband was at the sight of the Delta crash (August 1985) before emergency vehicles. I spent the 1986-2013 in the Flower Mound- Lewisville being a full-time stay-at-home mom and wife, making sure everyone’s life ran smoothly. It was during this time I really established a sense of hometown and roots. Having moved every couple of years growing up, I never had a true sense of a home base. I think that is why it felt so life shattering when I had to leave the area after my divorce. I was leaving the only home I had ever really known. Being part of the community acted like an anchor in my life. With the divorce, my anchor was pulled up and I had to find a new place to call home.

     I haven’t been able to do that so far. Looking at the map it’s easy to see how large the DFW area truly is. Choosing a new community may be simpler for some as they are moving closer to jobs, family, or friends. However I don’t have any thing drawing me to a particular location. I can choose from any of the 50 states. Plano seemed like a reasonable choice until my ex told me I had moved within a couple miles of his new, much younger girlfriend and kids. UGH. Looking for a fresh start and a break from past hurts, I planted myself exactly where running into my ex and his young honey is almost certain.

   My lease is up the end of Feb 2015. I know I am not staying here. However since I am struggling to support myself as  realtor, I don’t know where to go. Do I choose another city? another state? There are so many things I like about living in the Dallas area but wonder if new sites and new surroundings would make for a brighter beginning.

    Have you ever picked up and started a new life? How did you find a way to support yourself after 30 years of marriage? How did you make friends  when you’ve been out of practice? Where did you go for direction? To whom did you turn to for advice?

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