My Thanksgiving Secret

I have prepared Thanksgiving Dinner about 25 times in the past 32 years. The menu has been almost identical for all those years. I’ve added a few dishes and I will share with you the best of the best this week. BUT here is my secret—–there is an almost fail proof way of cooking a moist delicious turkey.
Don’t spend hours basting, checking the turkey, basting etc worrying the entire time that your turkey will be dry. (The biggest complaint about turkey). USE a Reynold’s turkey cooking bag. It’s simple, keeps moisture in, makes cleanup easier and I’ve never had a dry turkey. Of course sharing this secret everyone will know I’m not a magically talented chef but I’m thankful my own mother taught me to use a cooking bag.
DAY 2 of being thankful-meeting people who genuinely care about your dreams like Randy Teakell.

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