It’s a First for Me


I was unlike other teens. While I did share some similarities, the one area in which I was definitely unique is that I never had a wild fan craze. You know like girls currently have for One Direction, Zac Efron or whomever may be the latest heart throb. There were no posters in my bedroom. I was always much too pragmatic to consider it worth my time. Clearly the possibility of meeting and then subsequently captivating the heart of a famous man was just not gonna happen. So unlike most teenage girls I missed out on what apparently the fun of dreaming and hoping.
I realized I have always been much too serious and practical. Skirting around fun, believing it wasn’t beneficial to waste my time goofing off or dreaming. I was wrong. Dreaming of what might be gives us hope and happiness. We create our lives with our dreams even if those dreams are slightly altered by reality.
So for the first time in my life, I have joined not 1 but 2 fan groups and crush on a famous man. I dream of irresistibly sexy men and a life full of laughter and fun. Maybe stepping back to experience a piece of adolescence which I missed will be good for me.






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