The Music of my Life


   Today I had the great joy of hearing my daughter sing with a Victorian quartet. They memorized approximately 80 Christmas carols. They sing around the Dallas area and will be at the Dallas Arboretum along with more carolers on Monday night, December 22nd.

    Music adds so much to life. Have you ever tried watching a movie with no sound and just subtitles? Almost all of the emotion, drama, and joy is removed from the movie when there is no sound track. Music gives us clues on what is coming. It helps set the mood. Research says if we listen to sad songs over and over, we actually become sad or sadder if we are already sad.

   I started thinking about the music of my life. What songs would be on my life soundtrack? What songs do hope will be in my future? I decided that before the year is out, I am going to make a list of the songs that describe my life experiences. I am not limiting it to any certain time period. Perhaps a current song is the perfect accompaniment to my life when I was in my 20s. Then I am going to make a list of songs that will accompany me into the future. At the top of the list will be Pharrell Williams Happy.

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