One Step at a Time


I haven’t written anything for this blog in over a year. Most of my posts have been to my Life Rewritten blog but after reading over those posts I realized they all sounded so depressing.

Wondering if only writing depressing things helps keep me depressed, I decided to make this blog visible again and try to write from a different perspective. It’s my own experiment and I have no idea how it will work. These past few days have been difficult. I’ve recognized that when I am in a certain type of situation, I become severely depressed. My hope is I can avoid that situation.It has also been difficult because I need $520 worth of blood tests and can’t afford them. Facing my inability to received the healthcare I need increases my anger and resentment towards my ex-husband. Just another hurdle to get over.

So I am going to do this experiment for the month of October. No writing on Life Rewritten. I’ll only write here and write positive upbeat things.

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