Only 15 days to go

Yes, folks only 15 days before spring and just three days before we move our clocks forward an hour. Now if I still lived in Minnesota or Iowa seeing snow on the ground on March 5th wouldn’t be a surprise. But living in Dallas then it’s a BIG surprise.

Snow makes such a beautiful blanket as long as it’s not disturbed. It muffles sound and can camouflage the ugliest surroundings. It reminds me of how some women live their life. They cover themselves with makeup, surgery, hair extensions, anything to camouflage who they are.

Heaven forbid anyone notices that you are less than perfect. Unfortunately, all of those false applications eventually melt away, just like snow and you are left with the ugly mess.  When there is nothing of value beyond the exterior, then destruction comes. It is just a matter of time.

And for the men who have chosen to leave a real woman for someone younger and false and plastic, they will find themselves alone when they truly need someone. Sad so so sad

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